Talking about the weather in Turkish

As we all know, the weather is a topic that can be used to make small talk, especially with Turkish native speakers. Having a basic vocabulary to use when describing the weather can help you in a variety of situations. Whether you’re trying to decide what to wear on your ferry ride through the Bosphorus or are having a small talk with Turkish native speakers, As your Turkish guru, we’re here to help you through all that you need to know about describing the weather in Turkish and asking questions about the weather condition.

With that being said, let’s dive into learning about Turkish weather vocabulary. 

The most important Turkish weather Vocabulary you need to know. 

To begin, here is a list of simple words that you can use to describe the weather in different situations:

English Turkish English Turkish
Sunny Güneşli Sun Güneş
Rainy Yağmurlu Rain Yağmur
Snowy Karlı Snow Kar
Windy Rüzgarlı Wind Rüzgar

The Turkish suffix -lı -li -lu -lü commonly translates into “with” in English. Therefore, when we add it to words like “Kar” (Snow), the meaning changes and becomes “with snow” or “snowy“. 

English Turkish
Cold Soğuk
Hot Sıcak
Warm Ilık
Cloudy bulutlu
Partly cloudly Parçalı bulutlu
Foggy Sisli
Thunderstorm Gök Gürültülü Sağanak Yağışlı
Thunderous Gök Gürültülü
Icy Buzlu
Heatwave Sıcak hava dalgası
Cold Wave Soğuk hava dalgası 
Heavy Rain Sağanak Yağışlı
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How To Ask About the Weather in Turkish

Now that you know the weather condition vocabulary, it’s time to learn how to ask weather-related questions.

Weather vocabulary in Turkish language

The most common sentence to ask about the weather in Turkish is “Hava nasıl?” The word “Hava” translates into “weather” and “nasıl” translates into, “How is…

Weather in Turkish

If you want to ask about today’s weather you should add the word “Bugün” (meaning today) to the sentence.

Turkish weather you should know in Turkish

If you want to ask about the weather temperature specifically you should say: “Bugün have kaç derece?” meaning “what is the temperature today?

How to Answer When Someone Asks You “Hava Nasıl?”

Now, what if someone asks you about the weather? 

In Turkish, you can answer this question, “Hava nasıl?” directly with adjectives, here are different ways to answer this question. 

Güneşli ve sıcak.

Sunny and hot. 

Yağmurlu ve soğuk.

Rainy and cold.

Or we can add the words, “bugün hava…” to the beginning of the sentence which makes the sentence specifically about the present day.

Bugün hava güneşli ve sıcak. 

It’s sunny and hot today.

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If you want to keep all the words you learned in one place and review them from time to time here is our minimal vocabulary sheet to help you do that! So check it out!