How to “Swear” in Turkish Language

How to Swear in Turkish Language

As you can see from the lessons you take from Turkishle courses, weekly newsletters and Instagram posts, there are so many ways to express how much you love your loved ones in Turkish language! “Hayatım”, “Canımın İçi”, etc.You might have realized what it all means and how rich the Turkish language actually is by now. But in this article we will talk about an area where Turkish is very comprehensive and creative.
For sure we will introduce some Turkish swear words and sentences to surprise your Turkish loved ones and friends! Once you become an expert of swearing in Turkish, you will never go back to swearing in your own language!

How to Swear in Turkish Language
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Basic swear words in Turkish

Let’s start with the less painful and actually not so heavy examples first. If you’re ready, keep scrolling!


“Lan” is a word to address someone mostly used among friends. If you use it with strangers or an stranger use it to address you, it’s used with a harsh intention, it expresses anger or amazement. It is not something completely cursing in Türkçe, however you can make it sound like it 🙂

Let’s look at a friendly example first!


Ayşe: “Lan, naber? Dizinin son bölümünü izledin mi?
(Ayşe: “What’s up, man? Did you watch the last episode of the series?)

Deniz: “Evet, abi! Çılgındı. Birlikte bir sonrakini izlemeliyiz.”
(Deniz: “Yes, brother! It was crazy. We should watch the next one together.”)

Now you want to learn how you can make it sound harsher? Look at the example!

Yabancı: “Hey, lan, önüne baksana!”
(Stranger: “Hey, man, look ahead!”)

Sen: “Affedersiniz?”
(You: “Excuse me?”)

how swear

Mustafa: Lan, sizin eve gelirken yolda giderken aşırı korkunç bir şey gördüm!
(Mustafa: Man, on the way to your house, I saw something extremely scary on the way!)

Ahmet: Ne oldu lan? Söylesene!
(Ahmet: What happened, man? Tell me!)


fuck off


Well, you might have witnessed your friend’s boyfriend acting like a “dickhead” or “moron”. In Türkçe, we use “hıyar” (actual meaning is cucumber) to humiliate if someone acts like a dickhead. If it wasn’t enough for you to humiliate that hıyar who upset your friend like this, then you can declare him a cucumber master by saying “hıyar ağası”, cucumber-master! Want to Europeanize the cucumber a little more? Here is a cursing in Türkçe that makes you feel close to the Netherlands:


Göt Lalesi

“Göt Lalesi”, which means “ass tulip”. Well, sometimes being an asshole doesn’t sound good and now you know what to use 🙂 


How say Swear in Turkish

How many Swear in Turkish Language

swear language


How say Swear in Turkish

turkish Swear


It is quite normal among Turks to throw slippers at children’s heads when they upset their mothers. But of course, physically humiliating a child is not enough as a Turkish parent! A voice called Eşşeoğlueşşek (son of a donkey) always follows that slipper.


If the warm-up lap is over, now we can make our language worse….. creative! The fun part starts now!

How to Swear

Siktir git lan

Sometimes you don’t want to believe that your friend forgives his or her ex partner and you just want to say “fuck off!” and it may not be that satisfying. swearing in Türkçe is always more satisfying than swearing in other languages (Please Try!!). You can use “Siktir git” rather than fuck off. As you learned “lan” in the previous part, you can make it sound more native and hard with saying “Siktir git lan” or has your favorite ex just texted you after you swore your friend? Well, it is time for you to whisper for yourself to “siktir” because you know that you are going to fail as your friend did.
However, rather than showing your disappointment to yourself; you can blame your ex being a “orospu çocuğu”, meaning “son of a bitch”. If he keeps texting you non-stop and your tolerance level is already passed, just text him “kes sesini” (shut up), then he will know that you are really angry at him.


fuck this shit i'm out!

Allah kahretsin

So, while all this was going on, did you accidentally press the call button? Or send a text while drunk at night? Then it’s time to say “Allah kahretsin” (God Damn You!).

We have seen that you understand that Türkçe is a very rich language, from the creative swear of Türkçe with this weekly blog post.


Although it may sound funny, sometimes we can even use words that are not literally üfür with the meaning of küfür or insulting in our daily life. For example, calling someone “köpek(dog)” or “ayı(bear)” may be offensive or shouting “hayvan (animal)”.


Swearing will put you at ease, let’s not forget that we need to pay attention to our language!
After all we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or be rude against strangers or even friends, so better to know when to use these words!
Don’t forget to check Turkishle YouTube channel if you are interested to learn more in depth.