Most Common Baby Girl Names in Turkish

Baby Girl Names in Turkish , Names play a big part in our lives ranging from our personality, face type and maybe even destiny.

Our names are the gifts and first social labels bestowed to us by our parents. They represent who we are and the first thing people know about us. They also affect our character based on how we perceive ourselves due to the meaning of the name and can shape the conception of people about us. What’s more, they can even determine how we look. According to scientists, names produce a Dorian Gray effect, therefore, shaping us inside and outside. You might have noticed that people with certain names have certain out-look; some have a round-shaped face, some have hooded eyes and some have a broad head. It is because there is an unusual association between names and appearance. Even though names may affect our personality, which can also affect our future as a result, there is no scientific evidence that it influences our future in a direct way. It is something we shape. 😉

Today we will share with you the most common and beautiful 25 baby girl names Turkish people consider giving to their precious daughters. Pour yourself a strong Turkish “çay” and get ready to discover the meanings of the names.

Baby Girl Names in Turkish

Zeynep (Girl Names )

Zeynep is a version of the Arabic female name Zaynab meaning “precious gem”, “beauty”, “fragrant flower” and “father’s precious jewel”. It is also the name of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter.

Elif (Girl Names )

Being of Arabic origin, Elif means “tall” and “graceful girl”. Besides these meanings, Elif has meanings such as “full of love”, “thin” and “honest”. Elif (Alif) is the first letter of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabet, and related to this, there is a saying in Turkish for frank people: “As straight as Elif”. It means “being honest and standing strong as the letter Elif”.

Asel (Girl Names )

Mentioned in Quran, Asel means  “honey river” which is one of the 4 rivers in heaven. The origin of the name comes from the word Asal ( عَسَل ) meaning honey. The name Asel also means “righteous”, “merciful”, “joy”, “night-time” and “abundance”.

Asya (Girl Names )

The lexical meaning of Asya is “eastward” in Arabic, therefore Asia, which is the biggest continent in the world, comes from this root. It also has meanings such as “sunrise” in Arabic, “God has favoured me” in Hebrew and “Resurrection” in Greek, Bulgarian and Russian. Additional meanings of the name are “friendly” and “recuperator”.

Defne (Girl Names )

Derived from the Greek origin name Daphne, Defne means laurel or bay tree. It is also the name from Greek mythology. Daphne is a nymph and the daughter of the river God Peneus. She changed herself into a laurel tree to get away from Apollo’s attention.


Being of an Arabic origin, Nehir comes from the word Nahr. Even though it is a unisex name, it is mostly used for females in Turkey. When translated into English, Nehir means “river”. Since the word is associated with abundance, clarity and clearness, it is a quite common name preferred by parents.

The Most Common Baby Girl Names in Turkish
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Azra meaning “pure” and “virgin” is an Arabic word and also the name of Jesus’ mother, Maryam al-Azra, Maryam the Chaste. Besides these, Azra also means “untrodden sand” and is the second name of Medina.


Zümra is of an Arabic origin meaning “group”, “emerald” (Zümrüt in Turkish meaning emerald also comes from the same root) and “door to heaven”. Zümra also means “beautiful, smart, and valiant woman”.

Baby Girl Names in Turkish

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Coming from the Arabic word (أيلول), Eylül can be literally translated as “September” and represents the autumn season. In terms of the Akkadian root, it means “harvest festival” and “screams of happiness”.


Derived from “ecr” in Arabic, Ecrin means “pay” and “reward” along with “the gift of Allah (God) “and “jewellery box”. Ecrin also means “good deed”, “saint” and “dear”.


Meryem is a Turkish variation of Maryam, Mary and Miriam meaning “the drop of the sea” (from the Hebrew roots mar, drop and yam, sea), “bitter” (from the Hebrew root marah) and “beloved” (from Egyptian root mr). The name, also, refers to the mother of Jesus.


The name Lina has various different meanings in different languages depending on its root. For example, in Arabic, it means “young palm tree” (Līna لِينَة) and when used figuratively, it means “delicate”, “soft” (layyin/لَيِّن) and “compassionate”.  In German, on the other hand, it means “pure”. In Greek, it means “light”, and in Irish, it means “ray of sunlight” while in Persian, it means “beautiful girl”. Lina also means “free woman” and “worrier” (from Karolina”), and “united” and “absorbed” (from Sanskrit Lina līnā/नद्य). Lina has roots in Chinese too. In Chinese, Li means “pretty”  () and Na () means “elegant”.

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Eslem comes from the Arabic Word “aslama” (أسْلَمَ) and means “to submit”. Eslem also means “impeccant”, “precious”, “exalted”, “submission to God”, “trustworthy” and “safe”.


When literally translated into English, Masal means “fairy-tale” in Turkish.


Ebrar is of an Arabic origin name meaning “good person”, “virtuous”, “obedient” and “heaven’s rose”.


Ela is a form of Aramaic word Elah which means “oak”. In Turkish, however, the word means “hazel”. The word also has different meanings in Greek and Hebrew origins. For example, in Hebrew, the word means “tree” whereas in Greek it means “dark”. Ela also has meanings like “noble”, “kind” and “God is a vow”.


The name originates from Ancient Greek, Slavonic, Hebrew and Arabic. In Arabic, it has meanings such as sky, heaven and loftiness while in Hebrew, the word means “to ascend”, and “to go up”. In Slavonic, the word comes from scarlet which refers to beauty. Also in Sanskrit, the name Alya (आल्या) means “dwelling place” and “adobe”. Last but not least, in Turkish, Alya means “sky”.


Zehra is a form of the Arabic female given name Zahra meaning “beautiful”, “bright”, “shining”, “brilliant” and “blossom”. It is also the name of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Fatimah al-Zahra.

Baby Girl Names in Turkish



According to the Turkish Language Institute, Miray is a combination of roots Mir and Ay. Mir, in Persian, means leader and ay means moon in Turkish. Turkish language Institute interprets the meaning as “a leader who emanates like the moon.” Miray also has meanings such as “shining like the moon”, “new moon” and “beginning of the mounth”.


Being of Turkish origin, Duru means “clear”, “bright”, “lucid” and “pure”.


Hiranur is a compound of the words “hira” and “nur”. Hira is the name of the cave where the Prophet Mohammad received his revelation, and “nur” means “light”. Hiranur also means “the light of the diamond” and “revelation’s light”.


Buğlem is an Arabic transferred word to Turkish. It means “angel of heaven”, “angel that heralds the heaven”, “angel that opens the door to heaven or to the clouds”.


Ada, in Turkish, means a piece of land surrounded by water. When literally translated, Ada means “island” in English.


In Turkish, Yağmur means “rain”.

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