Must-know shopping phrases in Turkish language

Turkish shopping phrases you need to know

Shopping in Turkey is part of your experience while visiting and if you are learning Turkish you definitely need to know the most common shopping phrases to have a more fun experience shopping!

Whether you want to buy souvenirs for your friends and family or wander around the grand bazaar to find knick-knacks to bargain over you’ll need to know the basic shopping vocabulary in Turkish so in today’s blog post we will cover all the related vocabulary you need to learn from asking about the price and bargaining to looking for the fitting room and different payment methods, let’s get into it…

Asking about the price in Turkish

how to talk about prices in Turkish language

Turkish shopping phrases

In Turkey, you usually find price tags on the products but you may stumble upon some that don’t have one. In that case, you have to ask the shopkeeper.
Here is how you ask about the price in Turkish:

Bu ne kadar?
How much is this?

Bu kaç para?
How much is this?
Fiyatı nedir?
How much is the price?
Pardon, bu ne kadar acaba?
Excuse me, how much is this?

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Useful shopping phrases you should know

shopping in Turkish language

Turkish shopping phrases

It happens that you enter a store and the shopkeeper randomly asks questions to help you and you might not want to get bothered or don’t need help at the moment so if they ask you “Can I help you?” you can reply:

Teşekkürler , sadece bakıyorum.
Thank you, I’m just looking.

If you’re looking for an specific item which you can’t find in the store or you are not sure if they are selling it you can ask the seller about it:

Sizde tişört var mı?
Do you have T-shirts?

Sizde kitap var mı?
Do you have books?

You can ask about any other item by using the same sentence only replacing the word for the item you are looking for.

Trying on, asking for different size and color

Turkish shopping phrases

You definitely want to try on the piece of clothes you picked before you pay for it, so these phrases for sure come in handy:

Bunu deneyebilir miyim?
Can I try this on?

Deneme kabini nerede?
Where is the fitting room?

Bunu deneyebilir miyim, ona göre karar vereceğim.
Can I try this on, I will decide according to that.

It’s very likely not to like the fitting style or the size you picked so you may want to ask for another size or color…

Bu bana küçük geldi.
It’s small on me.

Bunun mavi rengi var mı?
Do you have this in blue?

Bunun sarı rengi var mı?
Do you have this in yellow?

Bunun medium bedeni var mı?
Do you have this in size medium?

Bunun large bedeni var mı?
Do you have this in size large?

Discounts and bargaining in Turkish

discount and bargaining in Turkish

If you are a middle eastern or have been to eastern countries you are familiar with the bargaining culture and the concept is not noble but if you’re totally new to this, it can be such a fun and money saving experience for you!
Shopping and bargaining in Turkey is a unique experience. The bazaars of Istanbul and Antalya are famous the world over for their jewelry, textiles, and hand-woven carpets. However, one of the most exciting things about visiting these markets is not the merchandise, but the bargaining. 

Just like in any other country you can’t bargain in stores like H&M in the heart of a big shopping center since they have fixed prices and follow international policy.

When and where can I bargain and ask for discounts in Turkey?

Usually, you can bargain in the local stores and traditional bazaars.
Some sellers don’t offer discounts until you ask so it’s a good idea to learn some phrases to ask for discounts:

shopping phrases in Turkish language



Bu biraz pahalıymış.
This is a bit expensive.

Bu ucuzmuş.
This is cheap.



Yüzde elli indirim
Fifty percent discount

İndirim yapıyor musunuz?
Do you have a discount?

Biraz indirim yapar mısınız?
Can you make a little bit discount?

10 lira olur mu?
Can it be 10 lira?

Payment and payment methods

payment methods in Turkey

After you come to an agreement over the price you obviously need to pay for the product you want to purchase and depending on the payment method you choose you may get different prices. some stores give you more discount if you pay in cash.
Let’s see some phrases related to payment methods:


Kredi kartıyla mı ödeyeceksiniz yoksa nakitle mi?
Will you pay with credit card or in cash?

Kredi kartıyla ödeyeceğim.
I will pay with the credit card.

Nakıt ödeyeceğim.
I will pay in cash.

Asking for bag and gift wrapping

If you want to ask for a bag or gift wrap you can ask:

Poşet alabilir miyim?
Can I get a bag?

Poşet alabilir miyim acaba?
Can I have a bag please?

Hediye paketi yapabilir misiniz acaba?
Can you gift wrap it please?

Original?fake?high copy?

If you are not sure what you are buying is an original version or a high copy or fake version, you may ask:

Bu orijinal mi?
Is it original?

Change and return

return and refund in Turkish language

You may buy a cheap peace of clothes and when you get home you realize there is a coffee stain on it or it’s not what you were expecting and the first thing you can think of is returning the item. we all know the return policy varies in different countries and different stores, not every store in Turkey would offer return or refund so make sure you ask about it before you make the purchase.
But if there is no problem and you can simply return the product you may revisit the store and say:

Bunu iade etmek istiyorum.
I want to return this.

You may have made a wrong choice and bought the wrong size , it means you want the product but in different size or color. So you can use these phrases:

Bunu değiştirmek istiyorum.

I want to change this.

Başka bir renk var mı?
Is there any other color available?

Başka bir beden var mı acaba?
Is there any other size available?

Daha büyük beden var mı?
Is there a bigger size available?

Don’t forget to check out the shopping phrases in Turkish video on Turkishle YouTube channel to learn the pronunciation of what you learned today!

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