10 Turkish YouTubers to learn Turkish

Turkish YouTubers

It’s never been easier to learn a language from people on the internet! for those of you remembering the world without this wide variety of content including daily vlogs, tutorials, etc. people had a pretty hard time using the available physical products like books, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes or just practicing the language by traveling to the destination country and meet native speakers a few years ago! but as we’re having a word here there is an endless amount of content out there for free to help you get along with your language learning journey!

If you are here reading this article it means that you are either looking after resources to learn Turkish language or already have started learning it, right?
Then you’re in good hands! We’re happy to be able to help you with the free and paid content that Turkishle team has prepared for you!

How to learn Turkish from YouTube?

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One of the best ways to improve your listening skill in learning Turkish language is to watch native speakers speaking Turkish on TV series or in movies! it’s a great way to grasp many new Turkish vocabularies and understand how those words are used in daily conversations but yet there is a better way which is by watching Turkish YouTubers! As the technology is expanding and we’re finding new ways to communicate with people from all around the world, you have many ways to get access to fresh daily content on Youtube and it’s not only about tutorials or commentary channels that would help you but there are plenty of vlogs that are about real life, culture, food and you can have the best of both worlds by hearing the language and learning about Turkish culture.

In this blog post, we will introduce 10 Youtube channels that will help you get better at Turkish just by watching them!

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Turkish YouTubers to learn Turkish:

Elvin Levinler

Lifestyle, vlogging
Level: intermediate/advanced

If you like lifestyle channels and enjoy watching vlogs that’s definitely one of the best channels for you to watch. Elvin Levinler is a Turkish actress and influencer who vlogs about her daily adventures, food, yoga, travels, and much more.

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 Orkun Işıtmak

Entertainment, adventure
Level: all levels

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Orkun is one of the most popular YouTubers in Turkey, he makes challenging videos that people find so cool to watch, his videos will go anyway from trying cheap Turkish food vs. super expensive ones to creating videos visiting famous artists and creatives doing extraordinary things. if you like Mr. Beast’s videos you gonna love his channel too.

Yağmur Arat

Travel, adventure
Level: intermediate/advanced

Are you interested in traveling? if you want to travel around the globe from the comfort of your home and learn new Turkish words in random situations Yağmur would literally help you with that. She makes videos of her travels around the world learning about cultures and places she visits, she also travels around Turkey which is a great opportunity for you to learn about different Turkish cities. Sometimes she stays in very cheap accommodation and experiences new ways of living and sometimes she just travels like an ordinary visitor staying in normal hotels. there are many things you can learn from her both about the travels and new destinations and Turkish language!

Easy Turkish

Education, entertainment
Level: all levels

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Interested in learning about real-life in Turkey? Easy Turkish channel has many interviews with random people on the streets, the good news is that both Turkish and English subtitles are available so you can look at them while you’re watching their videos.

140 Journos

Politics, journalism
Level: advanced

140 Journos is one of the most professional channels on this list. They produce original documentaries and in-depth interviews about political, social and economic issues. The founder of this channel is “Engin Önder” who was chosen as the man who transformed journalism in Turkey by Time magazine in 2015.

 Cem Yılmaz

Level: advanced

learn Turkish

Cem Yılmaz is one of the most famous comedians in Turkey. He shares his insights on trending subjects going on in Turkey and all around the world as short videos. he also shares his stand-up videos on his own channel so you can watch and learn about what is funny in Turkish culture and what Turkish people laugh at. Not only you can improve your listening skills and learn new slang and idioms but you can learn jokes and impress your Turkish friends!

 Barış Özcan

Art, design, technology
Level: intermediate/advanced

He is one of the popular YouTubers who create videos about art, design, and technology. Even if you don’t like technology you would find his videos interesting to watch because his storytelling makes all his videos super interesting. another good thing about his channel is that he speaks Turkish very clearly and his diction is great. Since he speaks about art, design and technology he doesn’t use basic words which makes it a good learning resource for intermediate and advanced learners.

Polina Chursanova

Lifestyle, Vlogging
Level: intermediate/advanced

Turkish YouTubers

Polina is originally from Russia, his dad is Turkish and her mom is Russian. She was born in Russia but then moved to Turkey with her family to Turkey. She started learning Turkish at school and now she is an amazing Turkish speaker, it’s almost impossible for native speakers to spot her as a nonnative. She makes lifestyle videos and vlogs her daily life so she can be a great inspiration for all of you learning Turkish while you can learn from her.


Art, interior design
Level: intermediate/advanced

“Daire” is a great channel for everyone who is interested in architecture and interior design. They show real houses of real people and all the houses are located in Turkey. It’s a combination of storytelling and interior design so you can listen to people from all around Turkey with different accents and backgrounds who talk about their stories and intention behind building or renovating their houses.
It’s basically house tours for you to see the architecture and designs while learning new Turkish vocabulary.

Mennan Şahin

Education, language
Level: intermediate/advanced

This channel is excellent for people who want to learn about Turkish language intonation and speak proper Turkish. Not that all the Turkish native speakers speak Turkish perfectly so that’s a reason that this channel has a wide audience among both Turkish people and foreigners learning Turkish language.
He is a professional presenter at TRT which is a national TV channel, and that’s why he is a great teacher to learn Turkish diction.
Another thing is that when you’re learning Turkish it’s not just about grammar and reading too many books it’s also about learning how to pronounce the words and how to speak the sentences as natives would do so it’s a gem of a channel to watch and learn all these golden knowledge from!

Hope you have a great time learning Turkish with all these creative and hardworking Turkish YouTubers!
Let us know which ones are your favorites and what are the other channels you watch to improve your Turkish level down in the comments.

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