Zodiac signs in Turkish

Are you interested in horoscopes and astrology? Do you believe constellations can affect personality and behavior?
When you are learning Turkish you always struggle to find new subjects to start a conversation about, one of the cool topics you can talk about is horoscopes and zodiac signs.

The zodiac is a system used by astronomers to classify stars, planets, comets, and other celestial objects based on their positions in the sky. It is said to date back thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that its true potential was realized. Traditionally, the zodiac was an allegorical map of the Earth, with signs representing different regions of the world. Over time, the signs became associated with different types of animals, which were then used to predict future events.

It may happen for you to hear Turkish native speakers ask you “What’s your sign? or in Turkish Burcun ne?” to know you better and learn about your traits and when you’re able to continue talking about it you have the chance to find new friends or get into deep friendships by finding connections and similarities between your signs.

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Let's learn the zodiac signs in Turkish:




Here are some easy words and phrases to start a conversation related to horoscopes and zodiac signs in Turkish:

Zodiac sign


What is your zodiac sign? 

Burcun ne?

My zodiac sign is Leo.

Burcum Aslan.

I’m an Aries.
Ben Koçum.

I’m a Taurus.

Ben Boğayım.

I’m a Gemini.

Ben İkizlerim.

 I’m a Cancer.

Ben Yengecim.

 I’m a Leo.

Ben Aslanım.

I’m a Virgo.
Ben Başağım.

 I’m a Libra.

Ben Teraziyim.

I’m a Scorpion.

Ben Akrebim.

 I’m a Sagittarius.

Ben Yayım.

 I’m a Capricorn.

Ben Oğlağım.

 I’m an Aquarius.

Ben Kovayım.

I’m a Pisces.

Ben Balığım.

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